Room for exhibitions and old trades. The structures of museum windmill De Wachter in Zuidlaren were too small to accommodate tourists in an adequate manner. Thanks to Leader, it now has a building with an historic appearance.

In 1851, Egbert van Bon commissioned the construction of a windmill on the Zuidlaardervaart in Zuidlaren, currently known as flour and oil mill De Wachter. In 1895 the Medendorp family takes over the business. Until recently, the grandson of Medendorp lived next to the mill as a retired miller. De Wachter has been running until the late 1950’s. In the time that followed, the structure has been fully restored inside and out. The oil mill has been returned into its original glory. A replica of the spices mill, operating in the early years of the 20th Century, was built on the upper floor. After a long time of absence, the steam engines, generating power from as early as the turn of the Century and providing electricity to the mill, were also bought back and returned to their original posi…

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