A watchtower, an open-air theatre and a lockup: three attractions that were a shot in the arm for the tourist industry in and around Appelscha with the help of funding from LEADER.

Most visitors remember Appelscha by the woods on the outskirts of town, part of National Park the ‘Drents Friese Wold’. Others remember Appelscha from a school excursion or a family outing with walking or cycling trips, where the resting point was the large sandy plains. In the woods is the ”Belvedère” watchtower, an Italian name meaning ‘nice views’. It stands 17 metres high on top of the 27-metre high ”Bosberg”. The view from the Belvedère of the surrounding area lives up to its name.
It was first built in 1903 as a wooden observation post on the Bosberg. Some thirty years later, the Forestry Commission replaced the wood with a metal construction, and in the following decades the tower was to be used as a fire look-out, among other things. As early as in the 1930’s the…

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