In East Groningen, the LEADER Action Group Oldambt-Westerwolde made a conscious choice in favour of projects setting in motion the processes which strengthen the self-organising power of the locals. One of those outstanding projects was the New Style of Entrepreneurship.

The LEADER Action Group Oldambt-Westerwolde has chosen the region’s own power as the basic principle. In almost any case the local initiatives were at the basis of their projects. Chairman of the Action Group is the Groningen provincial executive Henk Bleker. He describes the specific approach in East Groningen: ‘From experience we knew that many valuable ideas did not come to fruition for a variety of reasons. Leader is a great way of supporting the initiators in eliminating these bottlenecks. It is certainly not only a matter of money but also advice or bringing the parties together.’
In the LEADER period 2001-2006, about 19 million euro has been put into some 50 projects and four so-called umbrella projects in Oldambt and Westerwolde. Those four umbrella projects consist of a large n…

Wij willen onze journalistiek zo open mogelijk houden omdat we onze liefde voor het Noorden graag met iedereen delen. Om deze onafhankelijke journalistiek mogelijk te maken, investeren wij veel tijd. Wij hebben lezers nodig om dit te kunnen blijven doen. Voor slechts €57,50 per jaar kun je ons steunen en krijg je vier keer per jaar ons tijdschrift opgestuurd.