Precision farming thanks to Global Positioning System. New possibilities for farming more precisely and with more technical knowledge. A fine example of a project that LEADER supports.

In 2002, a group of seed-potato growers met in northeast Friesland with the idea of ‘doing something about precision farming’. They responded to reports from the USA and Germany. Mijno van Dijk was in the process of using GPS technology for agricultural purposes in his mechanisation firm. Around the same time, Eddie Loonstra and his business called ‘The Soil Company’ had been inspired by the search for minerals on the ocean-floor. Via State University Groningen, he had developed measuring equipment for mapping the composition of minerals in a particular area using background radiation technology. Dirk Osinga, working for the AOC in Friesland, knew both Mijno and Eddie, and he introduced both parties to the inquisitive farmers. Together they set up the Precision Farming in Northeast Frie…

Wij willen onze journalistiek zo open mogelijk houden omdat we onze liefde voor het Noorden graag met iedereen delen. Om deze onafhankelijke journalistiek mogelijk te maken, investeren wij veel tijd. Wij hebben lezers nodig om dit te kunnen blijven doen. Voor slechts €52,50 per jaar kun je ons steunen en krijg je vier keer per jaar ons tijdschrift opgestuurd.