Why would you get things from far away places while your own island has so much to offer in the field of cultural-historical heritage? This went through the minds of people living on the isle of Terschelling in 2004. That was the beginning of the 'Footprints in the sand' project, a tourist route along the landmarks of Terschelling's 1000-year history.

Peter Winter and Jan Pieter Kok have been involved in the initiative right from the start. ‘The idea was first brought up as a stray thought during lunch hour’, says Winter, former managing director of the local Tourist Information Office. Shortly before the turn of the Century, Terschelling had organised some successful theme years, attracting many extra visitors to the island. 1994 was the Brandaris year, marking the completion of this well-known lighthouse 400 years ago, two years later followed by the Willem Barentsz year commemorating the death of this Terschelling-born navigator and explorer also 400 years earlier, and finally in 1999 the anniversary of the sinking of the British frigate HMS Lutine off the Frisian coast on October 9th 1799, leaving a treasure of gold bars on the b…

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