One major LEADER objective is for us to exchange more knowledge and experience in the EU. A good example of such project is the Day of the Region in East Groningen. Each year, many thousands of people are making a voyage of discovery in their own region.

Voyage of discovery through the region
Four years ago, Elles Bulder was one of the initiators of the Day of the Region in East Groningen. She says: ‘In fact we just started on a wing and a prayer. We got the idea from just across the border. The ‘Tag der Regionen’ was held in the Oldenburg region in Germany. We thought it was a great idea. We said to one another: We should do something similar in our own country, like a voyage of discovery through the region. We take too little pride in our own region. It would be great for the locals to visit places they would not normally think of. Also good for visitors getting familiar with the region.’
The first Day of the Region in 2004 saw 92 participating businesses and organisations. By now, the number has mushroomed to 145 participants. The mo…

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